Morgan Weistling


Time Travel with a Brush

A short film we produced for Morgan Weistling.  Being the Master that Morgan is, he made it super easy for us to bring to fruition the ideas that made this film a reality. We had a blast making this unique film for Morgan. 

What Morgan Had To Say


I was invited to give a presentation of my artwork at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City.  It would be for hundreds of art collectors and sponsors and I knew I needed something special to get everyone's attention.  I wanted a short film done very professionally to present  so I looked for a filmmaker that had a true artist's eye.  Nshan Stambolyan was the perfect choice.  It was so easy to work with him.  He has great intuition for what his client is wanting and knows how to deliver it.  I couldn't have been happier with his results and my audience was blown away with it.  While filming , I felt like I was my being my usual awkward self, but when he showed me the playback, it was like he added some kind of secret magic to the lens and it just looked so cinematic. Because Nshan is an actual artist, he can take any project and turn it into a real piece of art.



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