Morgan Weistling


A short film we produced for Morgan Weistling.  Being the Master that Morgan is, he made it super easy for us to bring to fruition the ideas that made this film a reality. We had a blast making this unique film for Morgan. 


Bazikyan Law Group

Bazikyan law had a challenge for us to create a film for their website, that went beyond just an information based video.  We think we succeeded in delivering what they asked us for.

Richard Heimbold

Richard Heimbold is one of those artists that has dabbed in many styles of painting his paintings.  He wanted us to create a dynamic textural film to showcase him, and the evolution of his style.

Nshan Stambolyan

Not many people know this about me, but I am also a traditional fine artist, and I believe that makes me a stronger filmmaker.  I wanted to make this short promo film as a teaser for my painting website.



I made this film as a challenge for myself, to try and see if I can make a film where I can do the cinematography, camera work, acting, editing, and sound, all as a one man show.